SHO NUT Performance 1990-1995 Taurus Sedan w/ABS Stainless Hard Brake Lines


We offer drop-in stainless hard brake lines for the 1990-1995 Taurus sedan with ABS.They fit SHO and non-SHO cars with ABS only.The lines are stainless, pre-bent and come with all the necessary fittings already flared onto the lines.You simply need to remove each factory line and replace it with our line.


We get a lot of questions about the black plastic block bracket bolted to the side of the engine bay under the master cylinder, as it appears to be a distribution block, or part of the lines, which it is not.Itís simply a black plastic bracket, which is re-used just like all the other brackets and clips Ė our lines come with the female fittings that slide into the black plastic distribution block bracket from above - simply drive the old female fittings out the top of the block from below with a pin punch.The easiest way to do this is to snip the old lines above and below the block, remove the bolt holding the block to the engine bay, remove the grey retaining clip, put the block in a vise, and drive the fittings out.Installation is the reverse Ė bolt the empty bracket back to the inside of the engine bay, slide in the new lines from above, and re-install the grey retaining clip.The grey retaining clip keeps the female fittings from sliding upwards as you thread the male fittings in from below.


If you want to look at pictures, check out this thread:


The lines are $16 each line. There are 14 lines (see below). The flat rate shipping (no matter how many lines) is $55 (they are shipped in a huge and expensive box, which is $$$, as it gets cubed to 44 lb (!) even though it's just 8 lb, unfortunately), unless they are picked up (no shipping charge for pickups).


The lines are:

2 master cylinder to ABS module

3 ABS module to front block

1 ABS module to LF

2 lines to get from front block to RF (replaces 1 factory line, in 2 pieces, includes union to join*)

4 lines to get from front block to rear bias valve (replaces 2 factory lines, each in 2 pieces, includes unions to join*)

1 line from rear bias valve to RR

1 line from rear bias valve to LR


*As noted above, the really long/weird shaped lines come in 2 pieces for ease of shipping, and they include a union to join them. In theory, you could also use one half to join to your own line that has one end that is still good (and you put your own 3/16" imperial flare nut and flare the end of your own line). However, as noted below, it's just $16 for the other half, so not worth flaring and messing around with trying to mate with your own line.


So to break it down with pricing *INCLUDING* the $55 shipping - the website shows the $16 per line and adds shipping in the cart (all prices in $USD):


1 line $71.00

2 lines $87.00

3 lines $103.00

4 lines $119.00

5 lines $135.00

6 lines $151.00

7 lines $167.00

8 lines $183.00

9 lines $199.00

10 lines $215.00

11 lines $231.00

12 lines $247.00

13 lines $263.00

14 lines $279.00

28 lines $448.00


Obviously it makes sense to get as many lines as you think you may need, even if you donít replace them right away, as the stock lines are sure to fail in the future, to economize on the shipping, or to get 2 sets if you have 2 cars or have a buddy that lives nearby - the second set is only $169 more, since 28 lines is over the $400 that gives free shipping from our site.


The last thing you want is to pay the $55 shipping again when another line goes in the future Ė check all remaining lines thoroughly if you donít purchase a full kit.


If you purchase a kit with less than 14 lines, please describe the lines you want from the list above in a separate e-mail from your order.


For a worked example, the front-to-rear lines (which always go ...)


Both lines, front block to rear bias valve, which is 4 lines in total, would be $64 + $55 = $119 including shipping.


If ordered with anything else that puts the total order over $400 (except cams), the shipping charged in the cart is refunded manually after the fact. There is one line that's really short (rear bias valve to LR), and a couple of other lines that may fit in a smaller box (but not the front-to-rear lines). If only these small lines are ordered, then shipping will be adjusted accordingly upon request. However, most orders will include the front-to-rear lines, which need the big box.