The Adjustable Camshaft Sprocket Set includes the following (see photo at the end of this page):


6 modified sprockets that either use our custom offset buttons (4 exhaust) or have integral adjustment wheels (2 intake) to allow a total of 10 camshaft degrees of intake cam (and entire rotating assembly) timing adjustment, as well as total 12 camshaft degrees of exhaust cam timing adjustment (i.e. overlap).


 - The intake cam sprockets have an adjustable centre for infinite adjustment of 5 camshaft degrees advance to 5 camshaft degrees retard, with an indicator.


 - The exhaust cam sprocket offset buttons increase or decrease overlap by 0-6 camshaft degrees.


8 washers to use with the stock fasteners on the chain sprockets to hold the buttons in.


8 exhaust cam sprocket offset buttons for 0 camshaft degrees setting (stock)


8 exhaust cam sprocket offset buttons for 3 camshaft degrees adjustment either way to adjust overlap


(The above, in various combinations will provide 0, 3 or 6 camshaft degrees of overlap adjustment)


NOTE:  Most people speak of camshaft specs in crankshaft degrees, which are 2x the camshaft degrees.  Thus we offer 20 total crankshaft degrees of intake cam adjustment (from 10 crankshaft degrees advance to 10 crankshaft degrees retard), and 24 total crankshaft degrees of overlap adjustment (from 12 crankshaft degrees advance to 12 crankshaft degrees retard).


These camshaft sprockets have not yet been properly dyno tested ... we have some results, but not at all settings, and have not properly reviewed them yet.  For example, Don Donelson found that they picked up mid range with his Stage IV car, with little loss in upper end, by advancing the rotating assembly by 3 cam degrees via the intake sprockets.


There is no guarantee of any power increase. Under some settings, power will actually be lost. They do, however, enable you to play around with the settings to enable adjustments to the power curve.  You can also reduce overlap on Stage II or +10 or +20 or +40 or even stock cams on a blower or naturally aspirated car with these sprockets, in order to reduce low-end torque loss.


Please read about Sprocket Cores


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