Wiseco Forged piston pics, 10.5:1 (domed) and 8.5:1 (dished)


The pistons are clearanced for cams with 0.060 lift over stock, and valves 1 mm larger than stock. In other words, with these pistons, the engine remains non-interference, even if high-lift cams and larger valves are used.




Notes on offset:


Wiseco pistons use offset piston pin holes, just like OEM. This makes for a quieter piston. Thus you will receive 3 left bank pistons and 3 right bank pistons. Simply matching the valve reliefs is not enough for correct installation you need to make sure the piston offset is correct for the orientation.


Wiseco discusses this here:



page 5 of 24, and there are pictures too ;-)




You can determine the offset by looking at the side of the piston, and looking to see if the piston pin hole is left or right of centre. As well, the latest Wiseco pistons have an arrow on the top indicating the offset. See the picture below:




Please also note that the OEM rods have front marks on them. These marks MUST face the front. If not, the oil squirter will not be aimed or sequenced properly. Make sure the person who assembles the motor is aware of both the offset and the rod orientation.



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